Mission Statement​

Garfield Alumni Foundation

To engage in volunteer educational and charitable projects that benefit the students of James A. Garfield High School and community. Making this possible by recognizing scholastic achievements in the form of Scholarships to graduating senior and offering support to official school organizations.


We make this possible by recognizing scholarship and service achievements through scholarships to graduating seniors and support to students in crisis. Further, we hold entertaining alumni social gatherings and a broad range of recognition actions.

Board Members



                                Jacob Aguilar, President

                                Joseph Vasquez, Vice President 

                                Terry Valenzuela, Secretary

                                Carmen Aceves, Treasurer

                                  Dr. Yolanda Aguerrebere

                                  Edward Elias

                                  Joseph Espinosa

                                  Richard Sanchez   


                                Catalina Avila

                                Linda Contreras-Cuadra

                                Irma Diaz

                                Norma O’Dell

                                  Christina Pardo

                                  Richard Pardo

                                  Olivia Santos

                                  Jessica Ventura

Board Members’ Values

The Foundation members’ focus is to help strengthen the educational, social, and extracurricular programs of Garfield High School and promote alumni participation in Foundation events.

To reach these aims, we commit to certain values as individuals, as team members, and as participants of the Garfield community. These values include respectfulness, integrity, teamwork, accountability and commitment. Further, we aim for successful projects through effective project management and full participation.
We encourage our alumni and community members to get involved with Foundation projects and embrace our values.